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Tackle the #1 driver responsible for 60% of media performance: creativity!

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Start being ROI-centric, focus on creative excellence

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Creativity is responsible for 60% of performance

(Source : Nielsen Catalina Advertising Effectiveness)

BUT campaigns are being analyzed with Media KPIs,

Conversion rate, ROAS, view rate...

SO there is a blindspot on 60% of the performance!

No KPI existed to measure creativity impact... until now!

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15-min to get actionable insights
on your brand?

Spot creative elements that are truly relevant to your consumers

Use AI to break down each asset into thousands of features, link it to KPIs, and identify actionable insights.​
Detections made by the AI tool : colors, sentiment, text and objects on an ad
“Creative Lift enables us to take objective decisions regarding creative choices. It brings real added value by helping us produce creative contents with a ROI-centric look.”
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Thomas Rudelle
Global Digital Marketing Director | Carrefour

Make the right creative decisions based on data

Gather insights, apply them to your design and boost your creative performance.​
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With a conversion objective, where should I place my logo?​

At the beginning or at the end?

What is the optimal content length for branding?

10s or less? 15s? Does it depend on campaign objectives?

How to promote your product while optimizing
your CTR ?

Alone ? In collection ? Multi-products ?

Optimize your assets before going live

Make sure you respect the best practices of the platform you are publishing on before spending even a penny!
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Ratio, Duration, Use of Space


Logo presence, co-branded effect

Visual Appeal

CTA, Faces and emotions, Visual Hook, Dynamism curve

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