Creative Lift


3 steps to your Creative Lift study

Count around 3 weeks to receive your creative learnings.

Step 1

Define the scope of the analysis

A simple media agency access to the Facebook Business Manager is enough!

3 weeks are necessary for us to identify the creative insights that drive your performance.
Detections made by the AI tool and their influence on a performance level : visual product +7%, hand : +4% and logo +6% on a story.
Screenshot Creative Lift product account analysis

Step 2

Test and analyze your creatives

Take advantage of manual and customized analysis to better understand and reach your audience.

Gain in visibility on 3 levels of analysis:

Step 3

Ensuring brand consistency

Make sure you respect best practices & brand guidelines on all your platforms.
Screenshot Creative Lift platform governance product

What we offer

Special studies to learn exactly what you need.

AUDIT PACK : Analyze

Get a one-shot analysis on specific campaigns.

Analyze and produce

Get a one-shot analysis on specific campaigns.

Create campaigns that respect your new learnings for A/B Test.

Analyze, produce, monitor

Get a complete audit of your campaign.

Produce asset for A/B test learnings.

Implement our creative excellence solution on key markets.